Neck Bones

This day my mom whipped up one of her traditional dishes. She cooked beef neck bones, with potatoes, and a side of corn bread. My granny use to make this dish, and every time I eat it, it brings on a great feeling. The dish is pretty simple. You cook the neck bones with the potatoes, and … More Neck Bones

Peach Cobbler

I saw my sister helping my mom make this desert. She took real butter, and melted it over the crust of the cobbler. This desert is a family tradition, made with love and to perfection.

Insomniac Cookies

I was out this weekend, and I stopped by Insomniac Cookies. This deal I got right here was $9. It was a tad bit expensive, but was very wholesome and good. I was definitely drunk, because I paid that much for cookies and ice cream, but I see myself doing it again. It was two Triple Chocolate … More Insomniac Cookies

Weekend Cookout

The holiday had passed, and I had not eaten any BBQ. I was not all that mad, but it was weird. The holiday fell on a stupid day of the week, Tuesday. What made it worse, was I had to work on Monday and Wednesday. The holiday was basically huff. It was a pleasant surprise, my … More Weekend Cookout