Girl Scout Cookies Bring Out the Smiles

cookiesThis is a late post of my last box of Girl Scout Cookies I devoured. This year I was good, I only got 5 boxes. To my surprise they lasted a week. Usually when I open a box, I feel compelled to finish the entire box that night.

With this being said, every year my mouth waters at the opportunity to eat more Girl Scout Cookies. I do not know what they do in the Girl Scouts besides sell cookies, but this skill right here is amazing. They are having these girls sell a product that basically sells itself. Also it is hard to say no to a little girl. The marketing scheme is flawless!

My only beef with the Girl Scout Cookie people, is that they get us hooked on certain Girl Scout Cookies then discontinue them. There was this one cookie named a Lemonade. I ate boxes on top of boxes of them, then they left. I was legit upset! I looked online, and almost wrote a letter complaining to the Girl Scouts. Clearly I got over it, but there is still a taste of resentment in my mouth.

Overall Girl Scout Cookies save lives. Not really, they just make life a little bit better. Somaos are my favorite cookie at this point, and judging from the selection that will not change. I appreciate all the parents and children that go out here and hustle these cookies, for people like myself to fiend over them year after year.


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