Future Endeavors

checklist Last weekend I enjoyed drinks and chicken with two of my best friends. This day was important, because one of my friends decided to move 9 hours away to Dallas Texas to pursue his career. I was nothing but excited for him in starting his new stage of life. The last shot of Jamison we took together, we toasted to future success.

After this toast I realized I have a lot of positive things going on in my life, but I am reluctant to share with people. I think my thing is, I do not want to jump the gun with praises for myself just incase I am wrong. I absolutely hate being wrong! I pride myself on being right, and when it does not work biting the bullet is a terrible feeling.

I decided to tell my friends I was still out here hustling, and I potentially might have booked a paid standup comedy show. This is epic, because at this stage of my hobby I still have to beg people for stage time. The game is the game, but you have to bet on and promote yourself.

Telling my friends about this, I saw their eyes light up! They know how much work I have put into writing and performing, and they wanted me to know success was not that far off. I think am scared to fail, and with one of my close friends leaving that is a part of my safety blanket detaching.

As scary as that sounds, things happen for a reason. I looked back through my checklist for the year, and it is slowly coming together. Also hearing my friends saying their goals are coming to fruition made me even more motivated!

The safety net is there for you when you first start out, but after a while you have to step out and make good of the new skill and talents you have developed. I am confident in my process, and I know I have to stay receptive and keep on learning. I know as long as I keep adapting, the future will always be promising.


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