Update on My New Years Resolution


It is midway through February, and many people have abandoned their New Years Resolutions. Me on the other hand, I have kept it simple enough to were I can complete mine. My main Resolution was to show more love on social media. I have chosen to like and share more pictures and post. I use to be caught up on the notion, that if someone does not like or share my pictures then I will not like or share theirs. I have found this to be silly and immature, because since I have been doing this I noticed more people like and share my content.

Outside of the sharing and liking of post on social media, I chose to do a reflection of what I accomplished the past year. In this reflection I looked for the positive, and brain stormed what I could do better. This was helpful, because even though I did not monetize any of my new skills. I still learned how to do them, and got better at performing them.

My theme for the previous year was do not wait to do things, just do them. This including doing my first standup comedy set on stage, starting my blog, learning how to acquire and trade stock, and cutting negative people out of my life. I was all for the progression last year, and I have all intentions of caring it into this year.

My biggest obstacle this year will be networking and branding. This sounds funny, but I am somewhat social but terrible at networking. I stay getting people contact information, but not contacting them. Also, I feel like I always miss networking opportunities. I mainly attribute this to my shyness, but this is one of my weaknesses I am fighting to minimize.

All and all my year has started off pretty good. I want to keep moving forward, and somehow make money off my talents. If that does not happen, I want to be able to help people emotionally and spiritually. There is a larger plan for me, I just have to keep doing my thing and trust God will see me through.




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