Trying This Brunch Thing Out

IMG_1829I was told brunching is a Millennial thing. It most definitely is not exclusive to us, but we are definitely driving the market. I have not really been able to enjoy this past time, because my friends mainly brunch on Sunday. I work every Sunday, so I get to enjoy brunch vicariously through Snapchat and Instagram.

This particular week I had a week off, so I made it my business to try brunch. Ironically we brunched on Saturday. I was a little mad because all this time we could have been eating brunch on Saturday, but everyone wanted to do it Sunday without me.

IMG_1830We went to the Wheel House located in downtown St. Louis. I was geeked to find out there was bottomless Mimosas. I do not drink Mimosas, but I wanted to enjoy my brunch experience to the fullest.

I ended up eating a Southwest Omelet and a Cinnamon Bun. Both of these dishes was amazing. I was extremely hungry, and it felt like I could not eat my food fast enough.

My final assessment of the experience was, it was not bad. There was quite a bit of other people in the place enjoying brunch, and it was like a day party. The atmosphere was loose, and as long as the food is good I will do it again.

I did have a weird hangover from the mimosas. I do not get drunk off champagne, so I did not know how much I had to drink to get drunk. I might have over did it on the Mimosas, but I did not care. It do not hinder the experience, but that would probably be the only thing I would adjust with my brunching experience.


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