Weekend Cookout


The holiday had passed, and I had not eaten any BBQ. I was not all that mad, but it was weird. The holiday fell on a stupid day of the week, Tuesday. What made it worse, was I had to work on Monday and Wednesday. The holiday was basically huff.

It was a pleasant surprise, my cousin was having a cookout. I do not know why she chose the weekend after the holiday, and not the weekend before like everyone else, but I was not complaining.

I sat down and made me two plates. One plate had all the meat that you see above. The second plate had baked beans, potato chips, and Italian pasta. I got it in, and took nap afterwards.

It was hot as hell, but the feeling of nourishment was well worth the trade off. I was happy I got to go. Also I was hungry! I did not know this cookout was happening. I showed up at my mom’s house to paint her roof, and I was told when I was done I could come with her to get some food.

I have never turned down a meal, and I do not intend on starting. I am glad I was in the right place at the right time, because my only other option that day was McDonalds.



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