The Glasses Struggle

glasses-683601__340About 2 weeks ago I broke my glasses. To this date I have 3 pairs of glasses, and an option of wearing contacts if needed. Unfortunately the pair I broke was my favorite pair.

I remember how it happened. I was playing around with my nephew, and somehow he snatched my glasses off my face. Soon as he touched them, a screw fell out, and my lens popped out the frame.

I wasn’t mad at my nephew, because I was the one horsing around. I was agitated, because I needed my glasses to drive home. I asked my mom if she had an eyeglass repair kit, and of course she did not.

She kept telling me to go to the eyeglass store, but it was well past 6:00 pm, so no eye glass establishment was open. I ended up taking a toothpick, and pressing it into the space were the tiny screw fell out. It was not in there securely, but it is in there good enough to hold my lens in place, and get me home.

The next day at work, I wore a pair of my alternate glasses. I chose to wear the ones with the plastic frames. These glasses look cool, but they do not stay on my face if I am too active. I noticed halfway through my work day I was going to have to keep readjusting my glasses. This was nothing but annoying after the 3rd readjustment.

I decided to just role with my contacts, until I could get to the eyeglass place. I used my off day to accomplish my task, and the day I chose go the place was busy. I found myself waiting for assistance, but I could not complain because the service I was requesting was free.

The lady apologized for the wait. She fixed my broken glasses, and bent my plastic frame glasses to fit my face better. I was pleased with my service, but I was excited I got my favorite pair of frames back.


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