Return of The Open Mic

mic-1839157__340A couple of weeks ago I did a comedy competition. I actually did good, but I disqualified myself. I spent too long on stage, and went over my time limit.

I was bummed out. I practiced my routine time and time again, and I should have known how long it was going to take. I got lost in the moment, and forgot I was in a competition.

I was down on myself for a week or so, then I started searching out more stage time. This last week I got back on the stage for the first time in 3 weeks. I was nervous at first, but once I grabbed the mic I slipped into my zone.

It was a small crowd of a couple of people, but the experience was unmatched. I knew I belonged up there, and my friend was there for support. The only disclaimer I had about the place I did the open mic at, was they said it was the last night they were doing it.

If I had known this, I would have gone more often. I was disappointed I found a new place to stretch my talent, now it was gone. There will be other places, I just need more time on stage to increase my stage presence.

I plan on working on many more jokes and reentering the competition next year. Each time I hit the stage I get better, and find out a little bit more about myself. Maybe one day I can associate my name with being a headliner.



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