Have You Ever Got Your Food Before You Paid?

hamburger-2201731_960_720I have been indulging in fast food the past 2 weeks. I usually eat it a couple times per week, but these past weeks I have been overdoing it. I know eating too much fast food is bad for you, but if you are on the move, you got to get it in wherever you see fit.

One thing I noticed on my excessive fast food run, was that many times I received my food before I presented my form of payment. I am not a thief, but I honestly thought about pulling off to teach the cashier a lesson.

I know most these people giving me my food were teenagers, and they could care less about me stealing. It was just crazy how often I noticed it happening. I do not work in the food industry, but I do work in retail. When I train people, I tell them make sure you get the money first. Not everyone is as nice as you or me.

One of these times I may bring it up, but it is not my place to coach someone else’s employee. There is nothing I hate more than when someone tells me how to do my job, and they do not work there. Many times they do not even work in the same field as me.

I refuse to be that person, so by default the person messing up is going to have to learn by experience. It is not a bad thing, but losses do happen. I just hope the loss, does not cost any these kids their summer job.



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