Black Women > Breathing

black womenThis Friday I was fortunate enough to attend an event curated by friend Adrian Walker. He helped organized several artist who were all black women. They displayed their talent in the art world, and even sold a couple of pieces.

I was happy to see my friend Nia displaying her talent and art. I have been telling her for months I was coming to one of her shows, and I finally made the move. I was happy she was in such a beautiful showcase.

The overall atmosphere was amazing. It was not just black women, but young black people coming together and celebrating art. I took the time to look at every piece of art, and I was for the most part impressed.

I was really glad I got to see some people I had not seen in a while. The social and networking aspect of the event was awesome. I ended up selling two books, and I made a new friend.

I also got to see some work from one of my friends that have been doing murals across the city. I actually walked past one of his murals he did in a restaurant, and did not know it. It looked like his work, but I did not see his tag.

Learning and seeing all the moves my friends are making, does nothing but inspire me. I am going to keep working on my craft, and when it is my time to shine I will make the best of my situation.


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