Art, Mimosas, & Pancakes

This is my third year going to this event, and it is getting better and better. These kids making this art is progressing at astounding speed. They are using their resources to show the city they have talent.

I was really impressed with the pancakes. The pictures they were making with these pancakes was amazing. I saw anything from personal portraits, to popular cartoon characters, and famous rappers. It was great!

The liquor line was long, and it moved slow. That would be the only grievance I have about the event. The overall experience was nice. I thought it was funny that some artist came with no intension of selling their artwork. They just wanted to display it, and go home.

After several inquires, I saw artwork flying off the wall about an hour before the event was over. Good for everyone who made sells that night. Getting paid as an artist is hard, so if an event like this can monetize your talent. By all means go for it!

I had a good time, even though there were whole jail cells in the venue. It was weird, but it added to the experience. I saw some photographer charging his camera in one of the cells. I was going to ask him what he thought about voluntarily being in jail, but I did not want an overly artistic answer.

There was several underage people there, but it was their event. I was there to support. I saw some young girls trying to look cute, but I made sure I kept eyes off of them. I was going to have to ask for an ID if I wanted to inquire about any woman.

The concept and the presentation matched up perfectly. I will be going to this event again next year. I will also be eating multiple pancakes, that look like me and my friends.


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