Redoing My Budget

wallet-1326017__340This pass month has been very interesting budget wise. I have decided to go through every penny I spent, and yea……..sometimes I spend money frivolously.

It was not as bad as I initially thought, but I definitely made some cuts. I spend on average $2 a day on bottled water. That is not bad, but if I get a water filter, I can save $10 a week. This is very laughable to me. I can waste $10 in less than 20 seconds. Me saving this money, is nothing more than a state of mind. If I can train myself to care about this $10, then I can train myself to manage a thousand or maybe million dollar budget.

After reading my financial fitness book, I have a greater appreciation for those who budget obsessively. I spoke with my mom about her none existent budget, and she gave me a long sigh. She said her and my dad had a strict budget when I was younger, but it was too tedious for her to continue. Now she makes sure she has enough money coming in to pay her bills, and a little extra to save. That method does not solve her problem of compulsive spending, but she is a work in progress.

My objective is not to control my spending, because I do not have a problem doing that. It is to get budgeting down to a science, so I can teach others how to effectively use it also.

What frustrates me is finding out where the excess money is, that is not going to bills or food. I calculated that it represents about 20 percent of my biweekly income. As of now, I spend it on nothing.

Yea, I have been saving. I am proud of myself, but I am inches away from cashing out on something big. It will probably be this vacation I am taking at the end of the year, but I have to be disciplined.

Being responsible pretty much sucks. I hope one day I can be less responsible, but that reality is in the distant future. I know me changing my mindset about money will be beneficial, but the right now is stressful.



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