My Momma Retired

mom 2This past Friday my mom retired! If you cannot tell she is only black person in all of these photos. It is a relieving and concerning feeling all at the same time. I am her youngest child, and I am almost 30 years old. She sat my siblings and I down, and told us she could not carry us financially anymore. I understood everything she said, and I wish she had retired three years prior.

I am nothing but proud of her. She has worked hard her entire life, and it is time for her to rest and move on to the next stage. Seeing how happy she has been the last week is nothing but motivational. I only hope that I can have that feeling of completion before I am 60 years old.

I am concerned, because my mom is a high energy person. I do not know where she is going to focus all this energy. She has consulted with me about driving Uber, riding her bicycle more, and taking up sewing classes. I hope whatever she decides to do, it does not involve me.

I love my mom to death, and I have a limit as to how much time I can spend with her. Now that work is no longer involved, she has more time to annoy me. We most definitely will plan a trip together, but the day to day will be interesting.

There was already a situation, where my sister asked me to take her to Walmart to pay her credit card. My mom hopped in and said, “I’m retired! Why did you not ask me?” I already know my sister has a very interesting experience every time she embarks on Walmart with me mom. Dodging another one of these experiences will be nearly impossible now.

My plan through and through, is to play it by ear. I will try to spend just as much time with my mom now, that I spent with her while she was working. I hope that extra time and energy goes into my niece and nephew, and they learn to appreciate her as person like I have been privileged to do.

Lastly I say one more time. I am proud of my momma! God has blessed her to see retirement, and I am sure more blessings are in store for her. My job is to make her as proud of me, as I am of her.




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