Make an Escape Plan and Execute It

fire-40631_960_720This weekend I spent some time thinking to myself. I thought about several situations I was intertwined in. Some of them I was pleased with, and some I was not. I decided to focus on the ones I was not all the way happy with.

There was really only two situations that mattered. The first was this situationship I am involved in. It is actually not that bad, but I feel it has run its course. Now I am tasked with ending it. The only thing making me hesitate, is I do not know which way it will shift. We will either both progress as a couple, or go to not talking to each other.

The second outcome has already happened once before, and I am somewhat afraid it will happen again. I was surprised when we connected again after the first fallout, but a second recovery is highly unlikely. I know in life you have to progress, and if something is hindering you, you need to cut it out. I have all but decided that I will make a decision made on sound logic  rather than my heart. It hurts me to talk like this, but life is life. I have told myself I will push the issue of ending this situationship this week. Pray for me, because I see this as just as a big decision as deciding where to work or go to school.

The second major situation is, I was presented with an opportunity to create passive income for myself in preparation of leaving my current job. Was I guarded about this opportunity? Hell yes!

I have researched it, and if I apply myself I can create extra income for myself. Now will this income surpass my income of my active job? Not so sure. All I know is I need a change in my life financially, and if I try nothing it is worse than failing.

I am confident I will land on my feet somewhere, I just have to believe in my talent and drive. It is still scary I am making pivotal decisions basically on the fly. I will do what I always do. Analysis what is happening, make a move, and live or die by it.


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