Mood is a State of Mind

IMG_1699I recently had two consecutive days off in a row, and I will say I was in a lackadaisical mood. The best thing that happened, was I was able to catch up on some reading. But for the most part, I did not want to do anything.

My week was actually eventful. I was able to do set at the local comedy club, and I feel I made a down payment on my future financially. Now will the events and decisions I made the previous week yield results? I am not sure.

For what ever reason though, I was beat when it came to the weekend. I relaxed pretty much all of Friday, and kept to myself on Saturday. My friends got me out of the house for a couple of hours. It helped, but I was just not excited to do anything.

The worst thing I experienced. I was texting my lady friend, and I could not wait till she ended the conversation. It was not that I did not want to text her, I just wanted to be alone. I forced myself to engage in the text conversation, and I am glad I stuck it out. I felt what we talked about really improved my mood.

I believe it is healthy to have alone time, but it is also important to not barricade yourself in a shell. I am optimistic this weekend I will be more active. Also I am not sure why my mood has dipped, but I will definitely make strides to fix it. I hope all of you will learn from my example, and force yourself to be happy also.

I have yet to talk with my support system about what I am dealing with, but me writing about it is the first step to feeling better. I am positive this mood will pass, but I have to capitalize on my emotions. I feel I write with the most passion, when I am in the worst of moods. Pray for me please!


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