If You Don’t Trust Anyone, Trust Yourself

sapling-154734_960_720The picture above represents growth. I was recently thinking about last summer. I purchased a booth at a local festival to promote and sell my novel “Vacation to Graceland” The support I received on Facebook and Instagram was amazing, but only a handful of people actually came to the event.

I was entitled to feel some type of way of the physical support, but it did not bother me. I honestly felt if you wanted to support my craft, you would find a way to do so. This is how I feel about many of the things I choose to do.

One person in particular text me asking why I did not tell her about me being at the festival. She also added that she would of came. In my mind, I put up 3 notifications on Instagram that I know she saw at least 1 of them. The second issue was, I had invited her to other things, and she was a no show.

I was not looking for support from this person, but I was also annoyed she made me feel obligated to send her a personalized message. Especially if I knew and she knew, she was not coming.

Things like this alone can impact you negatively. I have learned over the past year to keep growing, and ignore the negative energy that will try to hinder you.

Now I am at another cross roads, where I have a similar opportunity to be great. I have been strategic about telling people I know will support me, and also come to my big event. There will no doubt be backlash from the people who will feel left out, but this is about me. If I do not protect my spirit, I can not guarantee no one else will.


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