Jalapeno’s are Not My Friend

jalapeno-1472016_960_720First off, I was disappointed because the local Popeye’s Chicken by my house is closed. I do not know why they are closed, but they are not open for business.

I went to the next Popeye’s down the street. It was already an issue, because the speaker at the menu did not work. There was a written sign that said pull up to the window. I was in line behind 2 cars, and  noticed the employees were taking their time servicing the customers. This was not the first time I got slow service at this location, so I already knew what to expect.

After about 8 minutes, I decided to get out of line and go to Churches Chicken. I only get one thing from  Churches. I get the 4 piece chicken tenders and 3 jalapeno peppers. The chicken tenders are all white meat, and usually are on point. This time they were just OK. One of the tenders, I could not eat half of it, because the meat was too rubbery. I do not know if it was overcooked, or had too much fat on it. It was not edible to me, so I gave it to my dog.

I ate the edible parts of the chicken tenders and the jalapeno peppers. I was cool for most the day, then later on that night my stomach was in shambles. I could not stay off the toilet. I felt my colon contracting, and I was trying to figure out what I ate to have me in this condition.

Then I remembered! I had given up jalapenos a year or two previously, because they destroyed my bowels. Now I was reliving this experience yet again, because I forgot. My guts were up and down for a solid hour, before my body returned to normal.

The burning sensation I felt coming out of my backside was punishment enough. I think I am good on jalapenos, well until the next time I forget.


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