Buffalo Chicken Nachos at Ballpark Village in St. Louis

buffalo chickenThis experience was a let down. I went to Ball Park Village to see game 1 of the 2017 NBA finals. The scenery was awesome! The view was good, and the sports atmosphere was great.

I showed up hungry, because I knew I was going that whole day. When I got there I ordered a drink, and skimmed through the food menu. I noticed these nachos the waiters kept bringing out to people. I asked the waitress about it, and she told me it was the Buffalo Chicken Nachos. She said it and the wings were the best thing on the menu. Looking at the nachos they looked scrumptious. I ordered some for myself and the entire table.

When they came out, my friends and I tried it. It was horrible! The chef used a sharp cheddar cheese, that he melted on the chips. The chips were freshly baked and crunchy. That was my favorite part, but the cheese melted on the buffalo chicken and chopped green onions was not meshing. The chicken was a little dry, and the crumbled blue cheese bits did not help either.

I looked up the recipe, and it said use cheddar cheese, divided. I am pretty sure they were using sharp cheddar cheese. I noticed the difference, and I did not like it.

When my friends tasted the nachos, they started laughing. One of them said, We were eating debris. The other said it was all around nasty, and he pointed to some wax paper the nachos were placed on top off. He said we might as well eat this, because it will taste better.

My bill for the nachos was about $14. I chucked it up as a loss, and wondered if other people in the area had the same experience we did. The picture I used was not the actual picture of the nachos I ate, but I would assume if my nachos looked like that then they would be better.

I am X’ing this item off the menu, the next time I visit Ball Park Village. I am sticking to straight chicken and fries. Any specialty thing, I am going to let one of my friends experiment with that first.


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