Rock The Block Holiday Party

IMG_1668This weekend was pretty chill for me. I usually do not work on Friday, and I work every Sunday. I took off this Sunday so I could have a 4 day weekend. I watched on social media as my friends had fun in other cites like Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, and Cancun.

I was jealous, but I was happy I could get some rest. I have been working extremely hard this entire year, and this 4 day break was what I needed. On Friday I chilled with some friends, and played in house poker. Saturday I relaxed, and watched TV all night. Sunday I decided to take advantage of my off day, and go to a day party.

I went over my mom’s house to help he BBQ earlier that day, then I got ready for the party. I got dressed, and made it to the party by 4:30 pm. There was not that many people there, but the venue was quickly filling in.

I had already drunk a pint of Hennessey before I stepped foot in the building. Every thing from then on was pure entertainment. I ate some fried chicken and fries prepared in the kitchen, placed in the rear of the venue. It was good, but I also was drunk.

I also got to link up with several people I had not seen in some time. The party atmosphere was pretty legit. There was a few memories that stood out for me at the party. One was, there was a guy dressed like a tacky idiot. I put him on Snapchat, and a few of my followers told me he dress tacky on the regular. Another thing was, it was people in there getting down right ratchet. I enjoy ratchet behavior, so I did not judge I just added to the atmosphere. Lastly, I basically had on all white, and did not spill any drink, chicken, or sauce on my fit.

I ended up getting really drunk, and enjoying myself. I made it home by 10:00 pm, and went to sleep for the night. That is beautiful thing about day parties, you can actually be productive the next day, because the party is so early in the day.



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