Holiday Yard Work

Due to the Memorial Day, I was gifted Monday off. My mom thought it was a good idea for me to do some yard work for her. Initially I dodged doing it, but I knew the longer I put it off, the more she was going to nag me about it.

My sister knew it was a big job she was asking, and she asked me did I want to put it off one more weekend. I knew me doing this task was going to be agonizing either way, so I decided to get it out the way today.

My mom requested I cut the tree limbs back from the house, from the street, and also the neighbors property. Doing this same task last year, I knew the easy part was cutting the tree limbs. The hard part was cutting the limbs into pieces, so I could dispose of them.

30 minutes into the labor, I was done cutting the limbs off the tree. My mom who had left the house for a bit, came back while I was cutting the fallen limbs into small enough pieces to place in a yard waste bag. She helped for a solid 18 minutes, then said she was tired and went in the house.

My sister who was helping me cut up the tree limbs, started fussing at my mom. She was exhausted from cleaning the inside of the house all week, and she said our mom was good for putting people to work without regard for how big the job was. She then told my mom, that just because she was older than us and the work was hard for her, does not mean the work was not hard for me and her.

My mom shook off the criticism and went inside. I plugged my headphones in, and went until some rain clouds appeared. All and all my sister and I was outside for the better part of 3 hours.

We got rained out, and drug all the tree limbs we did not finishing cutting up to the backyard. My mom looked at our unfinished work and said, “Why yal take so long?”

My sister was just about to lose it, then I hopped in and said it was bigger job than we thought. My sister calmed down, and I watched as my mom made me a plate of food. I told her I was coming over some day this week to finish the job, and it was going to be sooner rather than later.

My mom thanked me for donating my time, and joked about how much she should pay me. I told her the job I did was at least $300. She said, “OK! That’s just a few more plates of food I owe you.” We laughed about it together, then I ate me food and went home.


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