Have You Ever Hated Someone You Did Not Know?


There was a situation I had a couple of weeks ago, were I thought of fighting someone I did not know. these thoughts were stemmed mainly from the views of a third party. Rationally thinking about the situation, it made no sense to have an animosity towards this person. The person I had a problem with was the third party person, and how she was acting in regards to me.

Was the person I found myself hating, aware of the situation I had with this third party person? Probably not.  This hate I had was being focused in the wrong direction, and I was glad I realized it before I made a mistake.

I was in a similar situation like this, earlier in life. There was a girl who was a good friend of mine. She always told me how her boyfriend emotionally mistreated her. I never got his side of the story. I based everything about him off the picture she painted of him.

Eventually my friend broke up with her boyfriend, and they went their separate ways. Some time later I hung out with my friend’s ex-boyfriend through a mutual friend we both had. He did not turn out to be that bad, we actually had a lot in common. I was basically ruining a potential friendship based on someone else’s views.

Now I am cautious about any assumption I make of anyone. My friend told me once, there are 3 sides to every story. What he said, what she said, and the truth. It is up to you to decipher what you want and do not want to believe.


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