My Thoughts on the Playoffs Thus Far

nbaI have said this before and I will say it again. I love the NBA! The Eastern and Western Conference Finals have been subpar. It is not because there is not good basketball being played, it is because both the series are predictable.

In the west, the Spurs had hope of beating Golden State in a best of 7 series. Until the Spurs best player, Kahwi Leonard, went down with an ankle injury. After that, I saw the will the of the entire team fade. Golden State is now leading the series 3-0 with a probable sweep in sight.

In the east, the Cavaliers are annihilating the Celtics! They won the first game by 30 points, and the second game by 40 points. It is to the point, were it is not worth my time to watch anymore games. These 2 poor performances, are being followed by a game with the Celtics best player, Isiah Thomas, also being out.

I am currently watching the third game of the Caviler and Celtics series while I am writing this post, and there is hope this game could be competitive. As a fan I need something to cling to until the NBA finals is in full swing.

Seeing this game draw to an end, the Celtics managed to win! I can hold off going on strike, and watch more playoff games in suspense………kinda. The Cavilers are still going to Molly Wop the Celtics the next 2 games, but I needed this.

I hope and pray the NBA finals are as good as they were last year. The league needs an epic final series to make up for the rest of the playoffs. I absolutely have faith in their final product.



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