Navigating My Gift Card

IMG_1646I got this gift card for Christmas, and I promise I have only used it once. I got a $0.99 ebook off Kindle. When I went to use it again, to order my mom a birthday gift, I was having the hardest time.

It got to the point I was getting irritated. First I was going to log into my mom’s Amazon account, and use her Amazon Prime. This way I could get fast and free shipping. I know when you order off Amazon it gives you an email about what you ordered, and when it is going to be there. My mom ignores any random email that comes to her phone, so this plan was going to work.

Anyway, when I put my gift card into her account, it said it was already redeemed. I was disappointed, but I figured it was because I had already registered it under my amazon account. I proceeded to put my account information in, and the card did not pop up under my account. I actually ordered an item and it went on my debit card, and I had to go back and delete the transaction. This sequence added to my frustration.

At this point I was already late for work, so I was trying to have my sister figure it out while I was gone. She was really not being a help at all. She kept saying, we can go to Walmart and use my Walmart card, or you can sign up for an Amazon credit and get $50 free. I was like no! I have $49 available, and I am going to find a way to use it.

I spent the next 2 minutes sending Amazon customer service an email, then rushing off to work mad. While I was at work, I realized I created a second Amazon account, that the gift card was probably under. I text my sister asking her to use the alternate account, and she found the gift card.

My sister ordered the birthday present, and told me I still had some money left on my card. I was relieved, but a little irritated because that is not how I wanted to start my day.


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