Happy Mother’s Day

IMG_1643I personally helped pick these flowers for Mother’s Day. The week before I was told I had to pick up my sister, and take her to get flowers for my mom and grandma.

I knew I did not have a choice, so I said OK. We ended up going to Walmart, and to my surprise they had some stuff we could work with. These roses looked halfway decent.

My sister wanted to get these weed looking plants, and I said not for my mom and grandma. We shuffled through the roses until we found some I liked. We then went and bought some cards to put with the roses.

Overall the experience was smoother than I anticipated. That was the least amount of time I had ever spent in Walmart, and I got some decent stuff. I still hate Walmart, but it served its purpose this time.

My grandma loved her flowers, and my mom was out of town for Mother’s Day. Judging from the picture, she will be pleased at the work my sister and I did while she was gone.


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