Annual Eye Appointment

eye-2154384__340I have been putting off my eye appointment, because I know every time I go I spend lots of money. I usually wear contacts, and my doctor was holding back a new supply until I was seen for my appointment.

This time I decided to try a new Optometrist. It was a chain company called Clarkson Eye Care. I chose this company, because I had a $40 off coupon. My old Optometrist was cool, but that $40 off was too good not to take advantage of.

I planned my appointment online, and chose a Clarkson close to my house. On the day of the appointment I put the address into my GPS. The GPS took my to a residence and not an establishment. What made it worse, was the residence was nowhere near the actually Eye Care facility.

I ended up being 10 minutes late, and hoping my appointment was not pushed back. When I got there everything was cool. I filled out my paperwork, and the attendants prepped me for my eye appointment.

The doctor I saw was cool. he looked at my glasses, and said I needed a stronger prescription. He then tweaked by prescription to give me a sharper view. He told me my eye sight was not good, but it could be way worse. I was most relieved he did not dilate my eyes. I hate when they do that, and most of all I hate waiting for my eyes to no longer be droopy.

When the doctor was done with his check up, he talked to me about contacts. He told me I had options, but some cost more than others. I told him I wanted the cheapest contacts available, and I needed a 3 month supply. He insisted I get a 6 month supply, and I get the contacts with UV protection because I am outside every once in a while.

I said no! I can wear sun glasses when I am outside, and as far as the 6 month supply, I wear my glasses quite often. Understanding I was not going to budge on going the cheapest route, he said OK and got me what I requested.

I chose to get a new pair of glasses, with the $100 off my insurance provided. I was determined not to spend over $300 with the discount. My final tally was $260. I looked at my receipt, and I was charged $135 for high index lenses. I considered not getting this, but my lenses would look stupid thick, and ruin the glasses.

After I spent a lot of money again, I got some old frames bent to fit my face better. The guy that did it, helped me pick out my new glasses. He was funny, because I picked out some funny looking frames at first, and he told me point blank that was not the route I wanted to go.

I am good for another year, and I am done buying glasses for a while. I will have 3 pairs in total, and that is more than enough for the next couple of years.


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