First Wash of the Season

IMG_1638This past Saturday I took the time to wash my car. I have been consistent about telling people I do not wash my car during the winter months. Might of fact, the last time I washed my car was in the fall. October to be exact! Now it is May, and I am giving it its first wash.

My thing with washing my car during the winter, is it is cold. Also, most the time after I pay for one of those automatic car washes, it snows and I get all types of salt scum on my car. Then I’m left there looking how, a new car wash was undone in an overnight weather anomaly. Just in my views, it is too much a possibility of me washing my car during the winter being a waste of time.

I took my car to the do it yourself car wash, and used the pressure hose to thoroughly wash it. I was a little disappointed in myself, because the inside of my car was so dirty, I had to pay for 2 sessions with the vacuum. Then I spent an extra 75 cents to spend additional time using the spot free rinse.

Overall I was pleased in my work. I bought some Amor All Spray, and thoroughly cleaned the upholstery in my car. The only thing I did a subpar job at, was cleaning my seats. I used carpet shampoo, but I really needed specialized seat cleaner for cloth seats. Hopefully I will solve this problem next weekend.

Now that it is warmer, I plan on washing my car more often. Actually, I plan to get several more washes in until the winter approaches. Then I will go on strike yet again.


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