Cinco De Mayo 2017


This weekend I celebrated Cinco De Mayo. No I am not Mexican, or do I have Mexican heritage. Yes I enjoy margaritas and Mexican food. I celebrated in downtown St. Louis on Washington Ave. The city sealed off the street for a couple of blocks, and the main Mexican restaurant, Rosalita’s, headed the festivities.

I got to the event area at about 4:30 pm. I was hungry as hell, but I chose to go for the Margarita line first. Surprisingly I got through fairly easily. I started off with my first drink, and listened to some music a DJ was playing on a nearby stage. It was recent music. Then the DJ left and a Mexican band took the stage, and gave us that authentic Mexican music.

3 sips into my drink, I knew I had to get some food or I was going to be in trouble. I got a chicken quesadilla and it was pretty good. It was not amazing, but it was pretty good. My friend got some nachos with barbacoa  beef on it. The beef was good, but the nachos overall was meh. I knew it was because there was mass numbers of people there, and the restaurant in charge had to have general dishes to accommodate.

I got good and drunk, and enjoyed the day and evening with my friends. I did not take any shots of tequila, and I was disappointed in myself. I did manage to purchase a sombrero for $5, and resale it to a random bystander for $10.

There was some drama though. My friend thought she lost her phone and started crying. Turned out she got drunk, went back to the car to charge it, and left it there. This situation lasted at least 30 minutes.

Overall my experience was grand. One person did say some mind boggling statements. He said if Trump actually does succeed in building this wall, will we still celebrate Cinco de Mayo. My thought was yes! The Mexicans left in America would hold us down.



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