The Resurrection of Poker Night

4IMG_1632Poker Night was in full effect on Saturday. I kind of missed it. It was a simple $20 buy in, and you could purchase more chips if needed.

This event I partook in, was with one of my old friends. He had canceled the night, because he and his wife were looking to buy a home. In order to do this, they moved in with his parents until they found the right home for them. This process lasted over a year and a half! Now my friend is a home owner, and he is happy he has his own spot to host poker night again.

Playing poker at his house is always frustrating to me. He plays a variety of different poker related games, and most of the games have wild cards. I hate wild cards! They are unpredictable, and you have to think harder in your strategy when they are in play.

The good thing about playing the multitude of games, is that you become well rounded in the game of poker and there is never a dull moment. The game being played is dictated by the dealer, and the dealer changes every hand.

I played a played a few games that night I was not familiar with, but they were a variation of 5 and 7 card stud. Once you understand the basic concept of poker, the variation in games should not intimidate you. I did enjoy the different names for the games, like Pyramid, Diarrhea, Texas Hold’em, and etc.

I ended the night winning $8. Not bad for me knocking the rust off. Next time I will bet more money, so I can win more money. Most of all I got to reconnect with old friends. Now I am in anticipation of the next poker night.


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