Rainy Weekend

a-rainy-day-636089__340This weekend was full of nothing but rain. I did not mind it, I kind of enjoy the rain. The only thing about it, is that it gets me in my feelings.

I have created coping mechanisms, to deal with my mood when this happens. The first thing I think to do is workout. Fortunately I needed my grass cut, so I set out to do that. Unfortunately it was raining the entire weekend, so cutting the grass was off the table. I ended up finishing some overdue work I needed to do, to renew my certification at my job. It actually consumed quite a bit of my time, and got my mind off of some things.

Other than that, I enjoyed the relaxing feeling of hearing the rain. I gazed through my window at the over than acceptable tall grass, and started binge watching a new show on Netflix.

It is important you take time to relax and enjoy the weather, no matter how morbid or sad it may seem. You never know what inspiration will arise from the feeling you are receiving. Me personally I have been trying to save money to invest in marketing tools for my novel, so the rain was a blessing in disguise.

I also got to reconnect with my infatuation with clouds. It was beautiful clouds I saw before and after the rain. Not wanting to get too wet, I spent some time looking up at the sky in admiration.



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