Time is in The Details

watch-932814__340This past week I had horrible time management. I showed up to work almost late everyday, and left from work late at almost the same rate. I strategically take naps, and over napped twice last week.

My entire schedule was in shambles, and I got my weekly blog post off late. I did manage to persevere, and decided to be on time every day this week. Is it wishful thinking……probably. I can still hope and dream. I need a rebound from the horrible time management woes I put myself through.

To make matters worst I was selected for Open Mic at Helium Comedy Club. I showed up on Tuesday for the open mic night, and it turned out it was moved to Wednesday. The email I got clearly said the date, and I chose to overlook it. I completely wasted a car ride.

Also my set was supposed to be 4 minutes. When I got off stage, the host told me I almost blew through 10 minutes. I was disappointed in myself, because I intruded on someone else’s time. I was just off the entire week.

Hopefully this next week will be stress free, and full of me sticking to my schedule. It is a personal goal of mine, and I am confident I will do it. Big goals are accomplished by completing the small goals first.




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