NBA Playoffs in Full Effect!

basketball-933173__340This past weekend I have been mesmerized with the NBA. The playoffs have been exciting, but a little predictable. The biggest surprise has been the Boston vs. Chicago series. Chicago is giving them all types of fits, and they have hope of winning the series.

Now LeBron is LeBron, and he handled his business this past weekend. He swept the Pacers clean out of the playoffs, and Stephen Curry and the Warriors are making light work of the Portland Trail Blazers.

I am through and through a Russell Westbrook and James Harden fan. I am sad the series ended in Houston going up 3-1 over OKC, but they have a much better team. I advocated for Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder to at least win one game in the series, and they have done that.

After looking at the first round series, I am ready for the second to proceed. I pretty much know the outcome of all the series, except the Jazz vs. Clippers, Raptors vs. Bucks, and Bulls vs. Celtics.

That is almost half the series in the first round, so I guess it is pretty exciting. I am just trying to suck up as much of the NBA season that is left, because when it is gone, it is gone until the fall.

Side note: I still believe the Golden State Warriors will win the championship, but do not quote me on this.


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