To Help You Move, or Not Help You Move?

moving-312082__340In general moving is not fun. I am at the age where some of my friends have the finances to afford a moving company, while others still have to solicit friends and family to get the job done. I do not mind helping, just as long as there is some form of compensation.

Recently I was offered a meal in exchange for my services. It was from a long time friend, so I was not tripping. The only issue, was that the moving date changed on the fly.

My issue with this, is that I have moved and helped people move so many times. I have to mentally prepare myself to be involved in a move! If the date changes on the fly, I might have to graciously decline. Moving is a lot of time and energy. If I get myself up to do it on a certain day, then I cannot guarantee I will feel the same way 1 or 2 weeks later.

All I know is of all these people I help move, if I need any type of favor, they need to be there. I am not in doubt my friends will come through for me, I just keep these memories of me helping them move just in case.

Other than the actual physical part of moving, my friends are one by one becoming home owners. That progression in life alone is amazing! Also when it comes my time to own a home, I will have people close to me to mentor me through the process. Not to mention I will have a place to crash, other than my mom’s house, if needed.



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