I Hate Being Cold

snow-man-592022_960_720This past week I was in the barbershop, and I could not help but notice that the air was on. The air was blasting so much that I started to shiver. The thing that has been happening, is that the weather has finally changed from winter to spring. This means that some days, you can open your window and be cool. Other days you have to cut on the air, to avoid a scorching hot day.

The thing about it is, you cannot predict the weather! So you have to play it by ear. This day my barber had the air going, but it felt better outside than it felt inside.

I did not want to be rude and ask him to turn the air off, so I just endured the coldness. While crossing my arms in an attempt to keep myself warm, I realized I hate being cold!

I appreciate the winter, but I do not like the actual feeling of being cold. I always carry a hoodie with me in the spring, because it might rain and there might be a cool breeze. I rather take the chance of having too much clothes, than not having enough. I had a teacher that always told me, you can take clothes off. You cannot put something on you do not have.

I feel like I am always blaming these realizations about myself on my increasing age. This one is definitely a side effect of it! Old people are always complaining about it being too cold. I do not think I am that old, I just know what my desired body temperature should be.


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