Second Time is a Charm

IMG_1550I made my way back to Helium Comedy Club. This time was much different than the first. I practiced and prepared myself for a solid performance. I am not going to say I killed it, but I did tremendously better than the first time.

I still need to work on my networking skills, but of the comedians I spoke with, they told me I did a good job.

I am not going to lie, I was anxious to go back. I practiced almost everyday for a 4 minute set. I was a little disappointed it took me month to get back on the stage, but the time in between helped more than it hurt.

When I got to the comedy club there was one moment where I felt I might start choking again. It was in the bar area, before the people went to the showroom. I thought I might get on stage in front of the lights, and freeze up again.

When I got that feeling I was scared, then I told myself that I was prepared for this moment. After that quick pep talk, I loosened up and dominated my 4 minutes on stage.

I have already begun the process of emailing the coordinator for another 4 minutes on stage. I hope I can get comfortable enough, to where I can start promoting myself as a comedian. Until then I am doing this for fun.

I am just very grateful, I did not bomb another show. That disappointment would have broken me in unbelievable ways. More hard work and preparation, and I am sure I can be a halfway decent standup comedian.




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