Not Mentally Prepared for Yard Work

PIF-YWThis past weekend, I was fortunate enough to do yard work. I actually started the weekend before, and I am just now finishing phase one. I call it phase one, because I neglected to rake leaves during the fall. This means by default I have to rake leaves before I can cut any grass or lay any mulch.

Raking leaves sucks. I have 2 trees in my backyard, and they dropped a plethora of leaves. I am glad I divided the raking of leaves into 2 weekends, because each day I went out there I exhausted myself.

The trees drop these little gumballs that have spikes on them. The rake gets most of them, but there are always some left over. I did not have gloves to do yard work in, so I used my bare hands. Those little gumballs managed to stick me under my nails more than enough times. Also I have blisters on the palms of my hands from raking so much.

Overall I got a good workout, and my yard still looks like crap. I am anticipating at least 3 more weekends, before I can get it presentable looking for the warm season.

I know tending to a yard is a process, but it is sometimes more work than what it is worth. I am appreciative I show pride in my yard, and I am confident it will turn around for the best. Hopefully other people will appreciate it ass much as I do.

Spring is upon us, and I am glad I can go outside and bond (fight) with nature. I filled up 16 yard waste bags, and it is just the beginning. Spring here I come, beware of my lawnmower and weed eater!


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