Never Devalue the Blessing of Good Friends

friends-1026522_960_720[1]The past month or so, I have been plagued with money issues. I have been able to overcome and bounce back, but it has been a long road. One friend in particular, I owed him $100. He waited patiently for me to get my check, and only asked me twice about it when I was late paying. This was nothing but a blessing, because there are plenty of people who would have given me a hard time over $100.

Looking back on this small situation, I am thankful I have someone to let me hold money until I could get back on track financially. Also there have been times were I was hungry, and one of my friends invited me to his parents house for a Barbeque. This was nothing but love! Food is my passion! If you offer me food, we can be friends for forever.

Overall I have been blessed with people in my life, who are more like family than associates. I am not sure how they clinged to me, but now they are fully attached. It feels good knowing someone has your back, and out of respect I return the favor.

Not being emotional, the core group I have right now, we will be cool until death. Even though I believe I am a hard person to be friends with, my true friends understand. We will carry each other no matter what, and that is all you can ask.


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