I’m Too Old For a Brain Freeze!

PIF-BF (2)

I always get these Koolaid smoothies from the local QuikTrip. This particular time I got the worst brain freeze. I was confused, because I do not know what happened this time that did not happen the other times. I drink one of these smoothies no less than twice a week.

What made it worse was, I was driving while the brain freeze was ensuing! Being desperate I tried to power through the pain. I started yelling, and that did absolutely nothing.

I remember a trick I use to do, when I got brain freezes as a young man. I took my thumb, and pressed it hard against the roof of my mouth. After 10 seconds, I felt the pain subside.

When the pain left I took my thumb out of my mouth. Immediately the pain returned! I quickly pressed my thumb back to the roof of my mouth, and almost made it to my destination just like that.

Until this situation happened, I thought brain freezes was something that happened to juveniles. I mean I have had a brain freeze as an adult, but it was literally years ago! All I got to say is, if your passion for something is as great as mines is for those smoothies. A brain freeze with not stop anything.


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