My Experience at the Gun Show

IMG_1574This past weekend, my friends and I went to our first gun show. Recently in the state of Missouri, there was a law passed stating that you do not need a license to conceal and carry a firearm. This means you can buy a gun, and walk around with it loaded, with no paperwork. This makes it easy for those of us trying to buy a gun at an affordable price.

The gun show itself was nothing short of an experience. There were multiple vendors there, who sold a variety of products. I myself did not buy a gun, but I have been interested in it for some time.

The first thing I looked at was the conceal and carry section. This included mainly the hand guns. I have been eyeing a Glock for a while, but I will probably end up with a 9mm pistol.

I was looking for unbelievable prices, but the prices there was no different than the prices at the actual gun shop. Now the people was a different story.

I was first concerned, because at first glance there was not that many black people there. I thought people was going to look at me and my friends, as some sort of people purchasing guns for gang use.

After about 30 minutes being in the event area, we saw other black people who looked just like us. They were mixed in with all the white people wearing camouflage.

Then I started talking to a few vendors. They schooled me on the uses of some guns, and kept using phrases like, “This is for domestic use. If you have a domestic problem, use this. The person with this type of gun usually lives to tell the story.”

This was a lot to take in, that people were not talking about hunting, but killing other people. Then I came across a vendor that was taking the killing of people overboard. They sold books that were titled People To Kill, and it had blank pages in it. Also they sold disposal kits for dead bodies.

After my mind was blown, I watched as my friends purchased ammunition for their guns, and one of them got a holster and taser for his sister. we ended with looking at the different collectable knifes some of the vendors had to offer.

Overall my experience was very informative, and I found out there are people out here ready to pop off at any moment. I will be purchasing a gun soon, but that does not mean I will be any safer. This market is open to anyone who has the money to explore it.


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