Simply Amazing!

PIF-SLI killed this entire bottle in no less than 20 minutes. I kept telling myself I was going to stop, but I kept going. This lemonade is just so good. I wish I could drink it all the time, but a container this sized is $3. That is not too bad, but it is not a bargain either.

I want everyone to try this particular flavor though. The lemonade with raspberry is the best flavor they have. I know it is some flavor out there that is not in my test market, that might be better. But it really does not matter, cause I can only sample what is right in front of me.

Get you some of this good lemonade, and eat some cake or cookies with it. If you have diabetes, just take the lost on the day and resume your strict eating habits the next day. This stuff is worth it, and soon as it goes on sale I am stocking up!


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