March Madness


First off I borrowed this picture from a sponsored site. I really don’t care what anyone thinks, so I am going to go ahead with this post. I have been captivated by the NCAA national tournament this past weekend. It has been nothing short of exciting!

I was rooting for Duke, but they decided to lose in the second round of the tournament. Now I am out here like a pure fan. There have been some good highlights, and very interesting endings. Overall I rate the experience a 9/10. This rating is bias of a true basketball fan.

The next two rounds start this upcoming weekend, and there are a few headlines that I hope complete the hype. The main one being UCLA vs. Kentucky. I do not care who wins, I just want a good game.

The only  draw back of the tournament is I have neglected the NBA. Good thing the NBA is being courteous and resting its stars. This way I am not missing good basketball, I am missing struggling teams be competitive with playoff contenders. The media makes it easy for me to make my choice. Good college ball, or subpar pro ball.

Overall I am going to guess, that Michigan takes it all. I know this is a horrible guess, but it is my guess. I just hope everyone else is enjoying the games as much as I am.



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