Follow the Hashtag

PIF-HashtagThis past weekend while I was captivated with basketball, I decided to take it easy on the nightlife. This was an OK decision, but every once in a while I got bored. I had a feeling like I should be doing something. In my boredness, I took to Twitter and Instagram to find two hashtags that had nothing but entertainment attached to them.

The first hashtag I read was the ATL Bourbon Ball. The Bourbon Ball is an event that happens every year in a different city. From what I can tell, it is an excuse for grown people to get dressed up nice and have a good time.

I looked in the hashtag and saw flawless dresses and tuxedos. This event contains predominantly black people, so seeing my people dress up like this was amazing. Not all the women I saw were a 10 out of 10 by my standards, but the confidence oozing from them was undeniable. Any of them could have had their way with me!

The second hashtag I followed was the ATL orgy. Man! This one was crazy funny. My friend sent me the link to the party, and it was an adult film actress who was hosting her birthday party. The link said she was going to do a regular party, but an orgy sounded better. The description went on to say there was going to be security, food, and a place to spend the night. Also no one was going to be pressured to do anything they did not want to, but nudity was highly encouraged.

I looked at some of the comments on this thing, and people were making jokes about carpooling to it. I even saw one post were some girl posted her results from a recent STD test, and said she was ready for the party. The craziest thing I saw was someone said it was a fight at the entrance to the orgy, because some guy got mad he lost his entry ticket. I guess he left it with his clothes.

These two hashtags kept my timeline booming, and me entertained. Being in the house by myself is not something I like, but it is bearable when I have adequate entertainment.




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