Mixed Signals

PIF-this wayRecently I heard a situation were two of my friends had a disagreement, and they found a way to resolve it. Apparently one of them is still holding on to some resentment, and did not let it be known in the conversation that was supposed to resolve the problem. This leads to one person thinking everything is cool, when it really is not.

I do not understand this. I have been in a situation were someone told me the exact opposite, of what they intended to do. Why even waste the words or the time? Just tell them you are not going to change, and do not apologize.

Looking at other people deal with this, really makes me feel for them. I know how I felt when I was receiving mixed messages, and it was a frustrating feeling. You desperately want to fix the issue, but the other person is not helping you out.

The best thing I found to do, is to let that person be until they are able to know what direction they want to go. This requires patience, but it is the best thing that works for me. I do not have the energy to keep arguing about the same thing, because you do not know how you feel about the what is going on.


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