Interesting Tattoo

PIF-lipsThe other day I was at work, and a lady came in asking for some A&D Ointment. I pointed to where it was, and she asked me can she put the ointment on her lips. I told her yes, just as long as she did not ingest it.

I did not ask her, but by the look on my face she felt like she had to explain. She said she got her lips tattooed. She thought her lips were too black, and she got them permanently colored.

Looking at this lady’s lips, they were swollen and blistered. First, all I could think about was the pain, then I thought about the reasoning. Was it that serious to get your lips permanently colored?

I see women posting about makeup all the time. None of them talked about getting it tattooed on them. Also they like to change their look from time to time.

So what is this lady gone do? What if she want a different color? She gone put lipstick over her tattooed lips? What if the tattoo artist did not color her lips fully? What if the ink bleeds out her lips over the next few weeks?

So many questions! I could not do it. All I know is this lady will be tasting ink for the next couple of weeks, and it might not look like how she wants it to look. Thinking about her situation, I can see her appearing on Tattoo Nightmare.


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