The First Time is Not A Charm

PIF-CLUBThis past week I tried my skill at a standup comedy club. Oh boy! I was terrible! Well, I was awarded a 4 minute set. My first joke bombed, so by default the rest of the set slide downhill with it.

I am not going to lie I felt discouraged. But after seeing and talking to the other comedians there, one guy told me to keep coming, it will get easier.

I came in with the most confidence, and thought it would be easy. It was going to be like talking to my friends, except on stage. This was by far not the case! I commend anyone who can stand up there and actually put on a decent show.

Furthermore dissecting my entire experience at the club, I realized I was ill prepared. I did not practice my routine enough and the shine of the stage lights threw me off.

Hoping to go back, I remember my dad telling me a good comedian can make a bad joke good. This means I have to put in more work, and make my jokes that I write more salvageable. Being a performer you have to be quick on your toes, and there is no easy way to greatness.



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