More Car Woes

PIF-CRAbout a month ago, my car was in some really bad shape. It was not driving right, and it was making horrible sounds. I took it to the shop, for them to tell me a stud came out on my control arm, and it caused over $1000 worth of damage.

Figuring out how I could get my car rolling again, I got half of the repairs done, and decided to come back for the continuation. Yesterday I dropped my car off for the remaining repairs, to find out something else was wrong with it. I need new brakes and rotors in the front.

At this point I am just like, what else! My car is sucking me dry, and maybe it is a blessing I do not have a girl friend. I say this, because she would be pretty upset I am spending all this money on my car and not on her.

I talked to my mom about my car problems, and she is advocating me getting a new car. I will be honest, the amount of money I have spent on repairs the past couple of months. She might be right! I am going to try to hold on for another year or two, but it is getting dangerously close to the time to find a new vehicle.

The mechanic told me, to finish the job it will be $300 to get me right, and my engine light will keep popping on and off continuously. I have just accepted this will be an ongoing thing, seeing my car is over 100,000 miles.


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