Walmart Woes

walmart-woesI personally do not think I have a problem with Walmart. As of lately I have made several trips to Walmart to take my sister shopping. I do not think I would be that annoyed with the place, if each and every time the trip was not after I worked a full shift at work. Causing me to recoup from a full day at work, while simultaneously experiencing the Walmart life.

Let me explain. First I have to park on this humungous parking lot, in the back. Then I have to walk 5 minutes to get in the store, then while in the store I have to walk even more to find stuff. If I cannot find the thing I need, it takes an additional 4 minutes to find help. When I get what I need, I have to wait in line for about 10 to 15 more minutes.

For the prices Walmart gives you, this is more than worth the struggle. My thing is, my sister disregards my fatigue from a long day at work and extends the Walmart trip to a minimum of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

While feeling my tired feet under me, and my eyes drooping. The little Walmart annoyances are magnified. There was some light in one trip though. I was hungry, so they conveniently had a Subway inside. I ate a sandwich, and took a nap while my sister shopped.

Overall I am not a Walmart guy. It has its purpose in the world, but I would prefer to get in and out. In my older age, I have noticed my patience is growing thin for certain things. One being going to Walmart, after a productive day of work.

I swear the people that do damage in the Walmart, either do not work day jobs or they are conditioned to shop. Either way, that life is not for me.


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