Balls Are Fun!

pif-ballWhile in the store the other day. I could not help but notice this ball pit. I got to wondering, what the purpose of these balls are. I mean seriously, I remember asking my parents to buy me one of these balls. The only memory I have of playing with this toy, is beaming my sister in the face with it when I got mad at her.

I asked my friend, who works retail, what the purpose of the ball pit was. He said that what ever it is, they sell like crazy in his store. The best explanation he could come up with, was that it keeps children occupied.

There is nothing like being responsible for 1 or more kids, and they find their own entertainment for a couple of hours. If playing with these balls for an extended time gap can do it, then why not spend $8.99 to shut them up.

I see kids at my job, bouncing these balls around the store. They either end up throwing them at each other in the isles, or getting yelled at by their parents to put them back.

Honestly at my mom’s house, my nephew has three of such balls hoarded in her garage. He no longer has use for them, because he has discovered basketball. I myself am guilty of playing with these balls, while in store. Most of the excitement is contemplating throwing all of them out of pit, and watching someone else put them back in.



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