Hate Spending Too Much Time In The Gym

pif-weightsI have been slacking on my traditional workout. I usually make it to the gym once or twice a week, and workout a few major muscle groups in the arms and legs. Recently I have been doing some core exercise, but I play basketball recreationally, so I usually let that take care of my cardio and core work.

My ideal workout last 45 minutes! That includes the warm-up and the cool down. Anything past that is annoying. If I go to the gym with someone else, then I am willing to extend my time period to an hour and 10 minutes. This allows time for us to switch places in between sets.

I have a friend, I just recently found out I cannot go to the gym with. He wants to spend too much time in there! Every time I go, we spend no less than 2 hours in the facility.

This pisses me off, because some of the exercises he wants to do is pointless for me. I want to have a strong lean body. He is like an aspiring body builder. Body building exercises cannot do nothing for me. I gave up on having a solid 6 pack years ago.

I am just trying to slide through, maintain my muscle mass, and get some cardio in. I do not have time for obnoxious people in the gym, including my workout partner. I loathe every time he tells me I am doing an exercise wrong.

I look at him, and be like, can we do the bench press and go home.  He always wants to do something specialized. Naw; lets get this workout in and go!


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