Salute to Jack Daniels

This past weekend, I attended an event hosted by Jack Honey called Art, Beats, and Lyrics. This Event was nothing short of amazing. I went to it last year, and this year followed up with the same consistency and fun I previously experienced.

There was a few things I wanted to note. The first being that the ladies came and showed out. There was a large number of fine looking women in there. The art was also amazing. It took me a while to work my way around the venue to see it all, but the art was definitely top notch.

Lastly the music segment was nothing more than legit. The headliner was 8 Ball and MJG. I was the biggest 8 Ball and MJG fan in high school. They played most the jams I remembered from back in the day, and they did not try to force any new music on us!

There was other music acts that performed, but I missed them. I spent a considerable amount of time in line outside the building. As organized as the event was on the inside, the outside was a cluster fuck.

At any point and time, there was a consistent 50 to 60 people in line all the way up to the last hour of the event. I remember getting in the long line that wrapped around the building, then saying forget this and joining the bunches of people pressing the door.

I was in line for about 40 minutes, but it was interesting the whole time. The atmosphere was pure, and pretty much everyone came to have a good time. The security guard at the door was struggling. He was trying to get people in as fast as possible, but his method of selection was heavily flawed. At some point in time the line was popping so hard a fire truck pulled up, and the fire fighter inside hollered at some ladies in line.

When I finally got inside, Jack Honey gave everyone two complimentary drinks. Somehow I missed getting my tickets, so my friend gave me one of his. I had a drink called Jack on Jack, and it was it!

I had good drinks, good music, and saw good art! There was one part during the night, that I posed to take a picture with my friends. I had to move a girl out the way with my hand, so she would not impede into our photo.

I guess she thought I was trying to hit on her, because in her mind I was tapping her on the shoulder to ask to take a picture with her. I politely explained to her I was taking a picture with my friends, and she had a look of disappointment on her face.

No less than two minutes later, she came back around asking my friends and I how old we were. Looking at the quality of the girl and her friends, I ignored her and walked away.

After that, when the event was over, I seamlessly made it through the crowd and back to my car. I headed to the after party feeling good, and tucked away the good memories from the past couple hours.


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