Warm Day in February


This was a picture I took in my car while driving to work. I know, it is very dangerous to operate your phone while driving. Now that we have established that I do not care, I have been enjoying this weather. February as a whole, has been a pretty good month.

While I was taking my jacket off, to leave it in the car before I went to work. I thought to myself, is this warm weather in February good or bad.

February is supposed to be a cuddle weather month. I am supposed to be fighting ice, snow, and skin splitting wind. Instead I am looking at Facebook and Instagram, and seeing people showing skin.

This is a clear indication that climate change exist. I am not one of those people that are freaking out over it, but there has to be some sort of consequence to this warm weather. Also I hate to admit it, I kind of miss the cold.

The cold gives you a different perspective on life. While you spend that time inside, or next to someone, you get to know yourself. Without these self-reflection months, I do not know how someone could be creative or innovative.

Climate Change is real! I just hope what ever plan the powers at large have for it, it is going to work. Our job as regular people is to stay informed. So when someone tries to tell us something that is clearly false, we can call them out on it.



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